Vegetarian food at Sushi bar : Umeshiso maki


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Vegetarian menu at Sushi bar

It might be not easy to find Vegetarian foods in Japan.

Most of my friends from several countries love sushi but sometimes customers from foreign countries asked us “vegetarian menu” in my father’s sushi bar.

I will teach you not vegetarian menu but also teach you Japanese because of Japanese teacher.

And I also want you teach Japanese because of Japanese teacher.

Umeshiso roll

One of vegetarian menu at sushi bar is “Umeshiso roll“.

Do you know Ume and Shiso?

What is “Shiso”?

Shiso is labiate plant and came from china originally.

There are 2 kinds of leaves for edible leaf.

We can get all of it at super markets in Tokyo.

Red Shiso
Green beefsteak plant

What is “Ume” ?

Ume is Japanese apricot.

It is a  tree and fruits of rosacea department, cerasus genus.

花梅/For watch
花梅/For watch

What is “Miume” ?

The immature fruit is Toxic but process and eat it .

One of them, Umeboshi.



Umeboshi is Japanese salt plums.

If it salted only and no dry , We call Umeduke.


Umeshiso maki is Ume and shiso roll. 

it would be Ume and akashiso roll or Ume and aoshiso roll depending on sushi bar.

If you haven’t eaten Umeshiso maki, Let’s try!


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