Tokyo sightseeing virtual preparation tour

Tokyo virtual tour
Tokyo virtual tour

Don’t you get bored tourist spots in Tokyo?

If you have Japanese friends and she/he tells you the places where tourists don’t know, you would want to go there, wouldn’t you?

Don’t worry about you don’t have Japanese friends in Tokyo! This program is for you!

You can take this tour even if you are not in Tokyo.

We will teach you the places where tourists don’t know, great and reasonable foods and restaurants, beautiful places etc… and easy Japanese phrases to communicate with Japanese in Japanese there.

  1. What is Shitamachi ?

Most people often translate “Downtown” but it’s mistakes. It’s not easy to translate to English. So, I will explain about Shitamachi with history and pics.

2. One animation in Shitamachi

We will introduce one famous animation in Shitamachi and an urban legend that only few locals know about it.

3. Easy Japanese phrases to ask Japanese…

We will teach you easy casual conversation to communicate with Japanese. It’s so funny!

4. Let’s go to Izakaya in Japan!

Izakaya means “Japanese gastropub”. We will introduce what is Izakaya, foods and drinks, important points and casual Japanese phrases to use there.

5. Communicate with people

We will also teach you pre Japanese phrases. Ex: Staffs asked you something, Japanese customers who drunk asked you something and so on!

6. Secret spots in Tokyo

We will tell you secret spots in Tokyo tourist don’t know and resonable places. If you want to know something, counsel to us!

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 *Time required depends on the number of people

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(Japan time) 9a.m./12p.m./6p.m./9p.m.



 1 parson 2,000 yen

You could be…
*Join us  if you fall into the category.
• You could learn Japanese casual conversation.

•You could know secret spots.

•You could communicate with Japanese in Shitamachi.

• You could know the place, shops, restaurants which is cheep and great.
•You could be real Japanese Otaku!

Highly recommended for
*Join us  if you fall into the category.
• People who get bored in tourist spots.
•People who want to enjoy at secret spots in Tokyo and feel a real Japanese lifestyle when you come to Tokyo next time.
•People who want to go to secret spots in Tokyo.
•People who want to know secret spots in Tokyo. pronunciation
•People who want to study Japanese casual conversation.
•People who want to communicate with Japanese regular customers.
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*if we do not reply within 3 business days please contact us again or call us.
Step.3 Confirm
After you reply with the check sheet, We will inform you of a transfer destination account once the details have been confirmed.
The booking will be completed after the transfer and will take approximately 24 hours.
Step.4 Attend
Please join us at the decided time and try to be punctual.  we will wait approximately 10 minutes, if you are over 10 minutes, we will regard this as a no show.
If you are unable to attend, please contact us in advance and we can try to accommodate.