Taking a taxi

Taking a taxi in Tokyo
Taking a taxi in Tokyo

Have you taken a taxi and had trouble in Japan ?

Are you worried about taking a taxi in Japan ?

For example, 

・You don’t pay by credit card.

・You don’t know where you can catch a taxi.

・You can’t tell a driver the destination in Japanese.

・A driver doesn’t understand English.


We will provide to the lesson how to take a taxi in Japan and Casual Japanese for taking a taxi.

Download for the answer sheet
for ②.

About a taxi in Japan.

How to catch a taxi, How to take a taxi, about receipt and money in a taxi and so on.

Taking a taxi.

(4 types questions)
*Ask about credit card
You will study about you can use… or not.
*Tell your destination.
You will study how to tell your destination.
*Ask about a receipt
You will study to ask about a receipt.
You will also study about receipt in Japan.
You will study about time because you would have to listen when you ask “how long does it take “.
You will be a customer and we will be a driver. You will ask and tell me about credit card, your destination. Let’s simulate!
*Let’s simulate!
Imagine to come to Japan and take a taxi in Tokyo and try to ask in Japanese! You can do it!
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