Taking a taxi in Japan and casual Japanese.


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Have you taken a taxi and had trouble in Japan ?

Are you worried about taking a taxi in Japan ?

For example, 

・You don’t pay by credit card.

・You don’t know where you can catch a taxi.

・You can’t tell a driver the destination in Japanese.

・A driver doesn’t understand English.

and so on. 

Today, I will tell you about how to take a taxi in Japan and teach you casual conversation for taking a taxi.

How to catch a taxi

① Hail a taxi on the street.

If you see「空車」, it means a free taxi.

Don’t stand in front of a parson who try to hail a taxi.

You need to check people are waiting for a taxi or not. If you hail taxi in front of them, It would be push in.

Pushing in is an action lack of moral.

Don’t catch a taxi at the busy road.

If you catch at the busy road, it is not only  bother the following vehicle but also increase the risk of rear end crash.

So, It is better to catch it at the place where is  less traffic.

② Booking a taxi

It is more convenience to reserve a taxi if you set the date and time.

It is better to tell a taxi company about date, time, the place you want to get on and the destination and cost.

If you reserve a taxi, you don’t need to worry about it.

③ Take a taxi at taxi stand

④ Using app for taxi.

Japan taxi is very famous. You can also pay on this app.

*Web site may be only Japanese site

How to take a taxi

① Take a taxi

You don’t need to open.

② Fasten your seat belt and ③ tell a driver your destination

If it’s hard to tell the destination, it is better to tell the station, name of building or the approximate location by map or pics.

If you don’t want highway and there is a time limit, it is better to tell a driver.

Don’t rush a driver. It is breach of manners.

If you are hurry,  you want a driver get an opinion.

For example, you will ask I want to be the destination on 3 oclock but Will you make it in time?

And a driver would make the right judgment.

Avoide taking a taxi when  you slur your words.

You could not tell your destination.

Sometimes a driver wouldn’t let you get on.

Make a payment when you arrive at your destination

It is better to tell a driver if you want to pay by credit card or electronic payment system.

If you cannot, some driver don’t let you get on the taxi.

Sometimes a taxi driver don’t have enough change if you pay in 10,000yen and you can receive change.

A taxi driver limits to have change .

So it is better to ask you can pay in 10,000 yen or not.

It is better to have a receipt because it is easier to find when you lost your item.

Drivers phone number, car no on a receipt is written so it is easier to find it.

レシート is printed by machine but It is the same for taxi company . You will get the receipt printed by machine.

In Japan, generally speaking 領収書 is write handing and stamp.

Get out of the taxi after making a payment

Do not open the door by yourself because customers often have an accident.

So it is better to let a driver open.

Casual Japanese for taking a taxi

Let’s simulate to take a taxi in Japan!

She wants to take a taxi.
She wants to go to Asakusa
The driver make sure where she wants.

————made onegai-shimasu.

Asakusa is in Tokyo, Japan.

If you change the place, you can tell a driver the place where you want.

*Listen and practice pronounce on Youtube.



A driver would do “Omotenashi” in Japan.

They would open/close the door, load a luggage, try to communicate in English even if they don’t understand English and so on.

“Omotenashi” is not only staff but also customer have to do.

But some drivers might not understand English.

・if you can show the pic or map, they could understand.

・If you try to speak Casual Japanese, they might try to communicate more.

Let’s try to communicate in Japanese! You would have a great memory.

Your action make Japanese give the imagine of people in your country.

If you are a great parson, a staff might be kind to next customer from your country.

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