National Sushi Day on Nov.1


My name is Satomi : Tokyo “Shitamachi” Local town Concierge of Susy’s Zoo Japanese & Nail.

“Sushi” is a  famous all over the world.

Each region has its own style of sushi, such as nigirizushi and chirashizushi.

For example,

Tokyo’s local cuisine is Nigiri Sushi,

Shiga Prefecture’s is Funazushi,

Nara Prefecture’s is Kakinoha Sushi, and so on.

Most people think of nigirizushi, the local cuisine of Tokyo, when you hear the word SUSHI.

There is an anniversary for sushi.

It is on November 1st. It is “National Sushi Day”.

Today, I would like to introduce “Sushi Day”.

“National Sushi Day” 

“National Sushi Day” was established in 1961 as a memorial day.

It is said that it was first established by the All Japan Sushi Federation, which aims to develop the sushi industry in Japan, on November 1st, a day of harvest, autumn, and gratitude for rice, when the new rice is harvested and the fish are rich in fat, and the best sushi ingredients of the year are available.

Origin of National Sushi Day

There is a theory that National Sushi Day is related to Kabuki.

It is the Kabuki play Yoshitsune Senbonzakura (Yoshitsune’s Thousand Cherry Trees).

There is a Kabuki play called “Sushiya no Dan” (The Dan of the Sushi Shop) in the 18th Kyogen, in which the main character, “Yasuke of the Sushi Shop,” is a Heike warlord named Taira no Koremori who has fallen from the capital.

While working as a sushi chef after escaping defeat by the Minamoto clan, Koremori falls in love with the daughter of a sushi chef and changes his name to “Yasuke the sushi chef. Since the day he changed his name was November 1, it is said to have become National Sushi Day.

What is “sushi” in Yasuke?

The “Sushiya no Dan” is a story about Shimoichi Village, Yoshino County, Nara Prefecture.

In this area, sushi is made from Ayu(sweetfish). In those days, sushi was fermented sushi.

The sushi was made in a tsulube-shaped wooden barrel, and was named “Tsulube sushi” after the shape of the barrel.

Today, “Tsulube Sushi Yasuke” is still located in Shimoichi Village, Nara Prefecture, and has been in business for over 800 years.



Some theories are based on the harvest season and Kabuki stories, and it’s amazing that the sushi restaurant still exists today.

It might be a good idea to go there once.

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ジブリに出てきそう?奈良にある日本最古の寿司屋「つるべすし 弥助」