Prepare for your trip to Japan

Prepare for you trip to Japan Information

My name is Satomi : Tokyo “Shitamachi” Local town Concierge of Susy’s Zoo Japanese & Nail.

Have you ever had any trouble traveled to Japan? 

・Japanese didn’t understand English.

・You didn’t understand Menu at restaurant.

・You didn’t understand the signboard.

・You couldn’t communicate with Japanese.

・You didn’t understand about transportation.

and so on.

If you know any trouble you might have, you could be prepare.

Today, I will tell you what kind of any trouble tourists would have.

Tourists have any trouble.

According survey in 2019, inbound tourists have trouble communicating for 3 years in a row.

No.1 Communication with staff at facilities etc.

The increase in inbound tourists in recent years has urged domestic service sectors to improve systems to accommodate foreign tourists.

But improvement will be still required.

So, I recommend you to study casual Japanese or some words which you could use.

If Japanese understand your Japanese, you will have a great memory.

No.2 Free Wi-Fi

It is also improved it but most people think it’s inconvenience.

Information about Wi-Fi in Japan and casual Japanese to ask in Japanese.

Free Wi-Fi in Japan and casual Japanese

No.3 Transportation

I often see inbound tourists would lose their way.

People say the subway in Japan is very complicated all over the world.

Of course, I also lose my way especially Tokyo station. haha

Information about subway in Japan and casual Japanese to ask in Japanese.

Train station in Tokyo and casual Japanese

Taking a taxi in Japan and casual Japanese

How to take a bus in Japan and casual Japanese

The place where inbound tourists had trouble.

No.1 At restaurant

Most tourists have trouble when they chose meals and order it.

Some restaurant might have English menu.

If you can see some pictures on menu, you could chose and order easier.

But small Japanese restaurant might not have some pictures on menu.

I recommend tourists small and not new restaurants because they could manage for a long time by themself. It means they have many regular customers because they must provide to delicious foods.

So if you don’t understand Japanese, I recommend App like Google LLC.

I also recommend you study Japanese.

Susy’s Zoo Japanese & Nail will provide casual Japanese lesson for Izakaya and old-fashioned Japanese cafe shop.

No.2 Railway and at station

Most tourists have trouble when they know how to get their destination from the station they are.

If you ask Japanese don’t speak English, I recommend you want them to show picture, map and so on with some English words not sentence.

No.3 at Retail store

Most tourists have trouble when they want to ask the items and how to use it.

If you want to ask Japanese don’t speak English about it, it would be better to use easy words or speak English very slowly. People will understand you.

I had to talk with a manager at my friend’s house because my friend wanted me to tell him about fix in her house when I visited her in Germany and she worked.

My friend told me “The manager don’t speak English but he could understand”.

I also don’t understand Germany but I had a great memory.

He tried to say some words in English and I tried to ask him English sentence.

I wanted my friend to check my answer to the manager and she told me I got it!



Accommodate foreign tourists is getting better but we still need to improve.

But You will have Omotenashi even if Japanese staff don’t speak English.

If you have Omotenashi from Japanese, you have to answer it.

How about trying to speak Japanese?

I will tell you Omotenashi someday soon!

How about studying Japanese and getting information before you come to Japan ?

If you are interested in Sushi culture, I recommend SUSHIDO with sushi (We also have vegetarian menu) when you visit to Tokyo.

If you are interested in Shitamachi(Do you know Shitamachi?) ,secret spots in Tokyo and Japanese casual conversation for trip, I recommend Online Japanese lesson.

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