One of the best things to see in Tokyo “Shitamachi”


My name is Satomi : Tokyo “Shitamachi” Local town Concierge of Susy’s Zoo Japanese & Nail.

What do you want to do in Tokyo?

・You want to communicate with Japanese people
・You want to go to tourist spots.
・You want to go to places that are not tourist spots.
・You want to go to a place where people can speak English.


Today, I’d like to introduce you to one of the secret spots in Tokyo “Shitamachi”.

Japanese Garden that are free of charge 

There is a Japanese garden called “Oukatei” that is free to enter in Adachi city, Tokyo.
The garden has seven attractions, a cafe, a gallery, and other facilities.

Park map

①The snow Lantern

The snow lantern near the park entrance is sometimes covered with snow in winer, and attracts visitors.

②The Gazebo

The gazebo sitting in the center of the park offers a serene view of the nearby waterfall and grassy hills.

③The Grand Waterfall

Enjoy the  refreshing sight and sound of the rushing water through stone masonry. The Grand Water fall, Kuzure-Ishizumi, is a three- stages fall, four meters high and constructed using Sanbaseki.

④The Rocky Shore and Headland Lantern

The rocky shore covered by pebbles represents sea shore with the headland lantern imaging the lighthouse project the ocean.

⑤The Waiting Place

Surrounded by trees and stream on the outskirts of the park, this is the perfect place to stop for a rest and forget about the time.

⑥The Grass Plane

This grass plane lies in the center of a Japanese garden reminiscent of an ancient castle.

⑦The Kasuga Lantern

At a height of 5 meters and weighing 10 tons, the Kasuga lantern blends with the surrounding nature and adds character to the scenery.


There is a cafe and gallery space on 1 flour. You could be relax and enjoy the photographs and various works of art on display year round.

In addition to meeting rooms, there are 2 Japanese style tea rooms for Sado, the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. There are also two traditional Japanese style rooms which are available for meetings, culture classes, and various events.

Hanahata park next to Oukatei

Hanabata Park is located next to Oukatei.
It is a park that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Cherry blossoms in spring

This is a great spot for viewing cherry blossoms, with about 90 cherry trees planted around the park in full bloom.

Lawn Plaza

In the spacious lawn plaza, everyone can stretch out and refresh themselves.

Physical Fitness

There are health equipment and a 200-meter walking course where you can try your hand at physical fitness. There is also playground equipment popular with children and splash pad called a jabujabu pond in summer.


How to get to the Japanese garden “Oukatei”

Address: 40-1, 4-chome, Hanahata Adachi-city, Tokyo

Access by Bus

⭐︎From Takenotsuka station (Tobu-Skytree Line)

Take Tobu bus from East Exit bound for Hanahata-danchi. Alight at Danchi-iriguchi

⭐︎From Ayase station (Chiyoda Line)

Take Tobu bus from West Exit bound for Hanahata-dachi. Alight at Hanahata-yon chome.

⭐︎From Rokucho station (The Tsukuba express)

Take Tobu bus from West Exit bound for Hanahata-dachi. Alight at Hanahata-yon chome.

Japanese Web site

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