Japanese online lesson

Japanese online lesson
Japanese online lesson

We have experiences in teaching Japanese teach you Japanese!!

We provide casual Japanese lessons for trip to Japan by zoom.

Having experience brings more happiness better than getting some goods.

(by Thomas Gilovich who is having been researching “The relationships between money and happiness” for over 20 years.)

How about you ?

If you can communicate with Japanese in Japanese, you would enjoy your trip more and it would be a lifelong memory.

But if you just get some Japanese goods, you might be happy but it would not be a lifelong memory.

We’d love you to have a lifelong memory!

So, we provide Japanese lessons to communicate when you go to Japan even if it’s just trip.

Don’t worry about studying Japanese even if you never study it! We could let you communicate with Japanese with having fun!

Our Japanese lesson is depending on the situation. So you can try to speak Japanese right away!

If you are interested in, we recommend to take a trial lesson first and get coupons!

(We will teach you Japanese by only Japanese with pics.)

If you are interested in Japanese online lesson, please take trial lesson first!
If you want to study Japanese you want, we recommend you private lesson. Please tell us what you want to study and Japanese level!
We provide some online Japanese lessons depending on the situation. Let’s study Japanese with having fun!
We provide some streaming services. You can study Japanese whenever you want and wherever you are.