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Local Shitamachi tokyo tour concierge : Satomi who have worked as a Japanese teacher.

For Japanese learners, don’t you have any problems like …

・You don’t have any chance to speak Japanese.

・You don’t know correct pronunciation.

・You’re worried about speaking Japanese slang because you study Japanese by Japanese anime or movies.

・You’re worried about Japanese teacher who is good or not.

・You’re worried about keeping on learning or not.


Therefore, I will tell about a kind of Japanese online lessons and how to chose.

What kind of Japanese online lessons ?

Online Japanese language lesson

There are several Japanese online lessons.




・For qualifying examinations

・Japanese for business


・Free talking

・Group lessons

・Private lessons


I recommend you Japanese lessons matches you.

I asked my teacher who is Japanese-american about English for business when I went to NY. But he advised me “You should study basic English because Japanese who studied English for business speak unnatural English. It’s most important to speak English that elementary school students can understand. “

 Basics are most important things for everything.

Why do you want to study Japanese?

For example,

You want to speak Japanese when you travel to Japan.(Japanese for travel)

You want to send e-mail in Japanese to Japanese company. (E-mail for business)

You want to go to university in Japan. (Japanese for taking an exam)


I recommend you have a purpose to study Japanese first.

How to choose a Japanese teacher

There are a wide variety of Japanese teachers from getting a certificate to no experience as a Japanese teacher.

・People who teach Japanese in English.

・People who teach Japanese in several language.

(Ex. People who teach Japanese in Beijing in China.)

・People who teach Japanese in Japanese.


Beginners are worried about studying Japanese in Japanese, aren’t you?

But If people who are not bilingual teach Japanese in English, what do you think?

aren’t you worried about having mistakes?

Great teachers who don’t have a certificate might be.

But teachers who have a certificate have learnt how to teach Japanese for foreigners.

There are some school for training to become a Japanese teacher like the school that students learn how to teach Japanese in English, students learn how to teach Japanese in Japanese and students learn how to teach Japanese based on the famous Japanese textbook.

I learned how to teach Japanese in Japanese at school and got a certificate.

I entered a school to learn Japanese grammars and knowledge.

But my teacher gave me a homework ” Making the class to teach “introduce yourself” for beginners who never study Japanese by tommorow.” the first class.

Of course, I tried it next day and a big failure. But I learned how to teach Japanese in Japanese for beginners who never study Japanese after I got a feedback from my teacher.

It was so difficult for me and my classmates but now the way that we think “Why we didn’t do it”.

Also, we could have an experience how difficult to study language we don’t understand at my school in Sydney.

One of my teacher can speak Thai and let us the game because nobody understood Thai.

First of all, my teacher told us 1 to 10 in Thai.

Secondly, she said the number like 3, 5, 1, 8 in Thai.

And, we answered in Japanese which number she said.

It was so difficult for us to understand the number in Thai.

I think it’s not easy to have experience like this at school for training to become a Japanese teacher in Japan.

I reccomend you

the teacher who have difficulty studying language (can understand learners) and acquire how to teach.

But most important thing is you think “You would love the teacher teach Japanese”.

You should probably take a trial lesson.

If the teacher kill your motivation, you would hate studying Japanese.

Japanese online lesson fees

Japanese money for trip

The price of Japanese online lesson is more than 1,400 yen per 1 hour.

Several hundred yen of lessons is not for1 hour.

Some of them is more expensive than 1 hour lesson.

Also, lessons by people who don’t have a certificate and no experience as a Japanese teacher look cheeper.

Too cheep would kill teacher’s motivation.

I don’t recommend you choose teachers by price.

Price3000-5000 yen1400-2900 yen0-1300 yen
Certificate◯ or ✖️✖️
Experience◯ or ✖️✖️
Fee IncludedIncluded or notIncluded
A rough standard

3 points to choose Japanese online lesson

Chose online lesson
  1. Teacher have a certificate to teach Japanese or not.

Speaking Japanese and teaching Japanese is different.

Japanese teacher have a certificate know how to teach Japanese.

2. You can take a trial lesson or not.

A trial lesson is required. A teacher make an original lesson can make it for your level. Asking them make an original lesson is also good when you take a trial lesson or counseling.

3. Great servicing after lesson

It is most important to study language is repeat it.

It is also important to get feedback from your teacher and know your weak points.


I recommend you Japanese online lessons you have to repeat studying Japanese if you take a Japanese online lesson.  

・Purpose you study Japanese ・The goal to study Japanese

・Chose a teacher who give you interest in studying Japanese.

・The perfect study environment after lesson.

・The perfect environment you can ask the question after lesson.


I recommend the perfect environment to keep your motivation

I also provide a trial lesson. Check this⬇︎ site.

Susy’s Zoo Japanese & NailのJapanese online lesson.