How to spend Japanese money

Online Japanese lesson for trip
Online Japanese lesson for trip

Do you have much small coins in Japan?

Do you hesitate to spend small coins because you don’t understand ?

We will provide to the lesson how to spend Japanese money for you !!



Download the money pic and cut it or download and paste on Pages or Word for practicing to spend.
(*mark is when we use it.)



*About Japanese money.
Currency, kind of Japanese money and so on.



*Going shopping
ask the price
(3 types)




*How to pay
You will get some goods.



*About receipt
You will learn where you should check and meaning and practice to pay from several receipt.



You will be a customer and we will be staff. You will ask the price, I will answer and you will practice to pay.




After lesson
we will send you a document of feedback and password for the member’s site.



Review and practice by yourself.
We are prepare to the word/sentence lists, movie for listening, pronounce, many quiz to practice to pay and so on.