Japanese money and Payment in Japan

Online Japanese lesson for trip Information
Online Japanese lesson for trip

Local Shitamachi tokyo tour concierge : Satomi who have worked as a Japanese teacher will talk about cash payment and card payment in Japan.

Any trouble when you make payments in Japan.

Do you have some worries like those ?

・You can’t pay by credit card. 

・How much is tip in Japan? 

・You have many coins because you can’t spend coins in Japan.  

・You can’t check your change because you don’t spend coins in Japan.

In Japan, the introduction of cashless payment systems for credit cards is very much behind in countries around the world.

Electronic money payment

Electronic money payment by Felica.

There are Transportation system : Suica and PASMO, Credit (circulating-type) card : WAON(AEON) and so on.

You can pay quickly when you just tap your card on the payment terminal.

How to payCharge payment amount Link credit card and pay after
Used by tourists But transportation system : Suica, PASMO etc.

“Welcome Suica” and “PASMO PASSPORT” is an electronic money for tourists.

No deposit and you can use for 28 days.

It can be for trains, bus and some shops. So it is good for tourists from foreign countries.

Payment with the QR code which user friendly for tourists from East Asian

Payment with the QR code or barcode.

It is just reading the code by phone and safer.

LINE PayWeChat PayNaver Pay

“VIA” is covered East-south Asis starts for Japan.

You could pay by the code used in Asia around Japan.  

It is better for Asian because there are shops introduce the code payment.

The propriety of payment by credit card

You can pay by credit card for dinner time but can NOT pay by credit for lunch time.

There is a period of time you can’t pay by credit card even if credit card is ok.

Some restaurants let us pay by credit card for dinner but can not pay for lunch.  

Most people have had trouble when they paid because there are many shops didn’t specify about a period of time for credit card.

If you can not confirm, I recommend you ask the staff when you visit the shops.

No credit card even if tourist spots.

We can’t pay by credit card at Shrines and temples even if famous tourist spots.

For example, most shrines and temples in Kyoto.

Kyoto bukkyoukai want us pay by cash instead of credit card and phone because praying is not business and they worried about the information leak including religion.


We can’t pay by credit card even if the city.

I recommend you have also Japanese cash.

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It is Tokyo but there are many shops we can’t pay by credit card.

They can continue to manage for a long time because the most shops is loved by Japanese regular customers.

The shops for a long time can continue great, friendly and good service even if no credit card.

How about studying Japanese and have experience daily Japanese life in Tokyo ?


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