At station

Japanese language online lesson at station
Japanese language online lesson at station

Have you had a trouble at a station or train in Tokyo?

For example,

・You didn’t know where a restroom is.

・There are not many the station yard map.

・You didn’t know how to transfer.

・Subway is complicated.

・You can’t use wi-fi.

・You don’t know which station you should get off.


We will provide to the lesson about railways in Japan, special tickets for visitors and easy Japanese phrases to ask at the station or on a train for you !!

About Railways and station in Japan and special tickets for visitors.

Ask a ticket price
Japanese money

*Japanese money (10-900yen)
Try to listning.

Ask which train line.
Taking a bus in Japan/How to get the bus in Tokyo

Ask if you can go to  
your destination by this train or not.

Ask the exit
Check list
We will send you a document of feedback and password for the member’s site.
Streaming service for Japanese language lesson
Review and practice by yourself.
We are prepare to the word/setence lists, movie for listening, pronounce, many quiz to practice to pay and so on.

*Beginners will need 1- 3 tickets. Lesson speed is depends on you.